Paintings + Illustrations
I am a traditionally trained illustrator and graduated from the Arts University in Bournemouth with a Higher National Diploma in Natural History Illustration.

Over the years I learnt motion design and how to animate, which led to teaching motion design at the Arts University for a number of years whilst continually working with clients. 

Recently, I have found myself being strongly pulled back to the more hands on traditional arts, including painting, sculpting and more hand crafted media.  The traditional arts can be unforgiving because If you make a mistake then it becomes part of the piece, but in my view, human error and imperfections is what makes art a uniquely human endeavour.​​​​​
The Beetles - Gouache paint on water colour board
Drawn and painted from life with actual beetles and photo references for consistent lighting.
Natural History Illustrations - Pen & ink 
Drawn and inked from life.  The tarantula was drawn using stipple effect, shells hatching effect and weighted lines was used for the drawings of the pigeon skeleton and peacock skulls.
David Jason Portrait - Water colour
This portrait of David Jason from a 'Touch of Frost' was painted using water colour as a study of skin tones, shape and form.
Orangutan - Gouache paint
This painting of an orangutan was painted using gouache paint as a study of hair, shape and form.
Symbiotic Marine Wildlife - Water colour and gouache paint
Painted as part of a study in learning about marine life that's survival is dependent on a symbiotic relationship with it's host
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